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Mesh Magazine
The Fucking Ocean's debut full-length, Le Main Rouge, is a somewhat frantic but never grating post-punk album in the vain of Erase Eratta and The Ex. The band weaves in out of styles within each song. The noodle-y guitars of the opening track, "Literacy Test" give way to urgent, staccato chords, which give way to only bass and drums. "Adam" features off-kilter rhythms which give way to a sugary guitar riff in the middle and confrontational pro-choice lyrics, "Do you remember when women used to have to risk their lives just to live again?" The most melodic song, "Bombs in the Underground" is also the fullest sounding track, and even mixes a bit of dub-sounding bass and guitar playing. "Elias (Has Been Waiting For An Hour)" features some amazing drumming and is the album's standout track.  -Brian Brophy

KZSU Stanford
Adrenalized guitar rock... angular, dynamic, dark, insistent, new-wavey, and no-wavey, with nods to Krautrock & '60s spy-rock! Male and female vocals, yelled more often than sung. 11 tracks that zip by in 26 minutes. Debut LP from local four piece includes two KZSU DJs/Stanford students. Their eponymous debut EP had a nice run in our top 10 in Feb 2006. Great production & sound thanks to SF's Tiny Telephone studios, with prominent bass reminiscent of Young Marble Giants and Bush Tetras. Songs mid-fast, end cold unless marked. (The band's name is a mishearing of a drug-baked Lou Reed singing the words "foggy notion." On air say "effing ocean.") Play with Mika Miko, James Chance & The Contortions, The Slits, Erase Errata, DNA, The Bush Tetras, Electrelane, & fast songs by Joy Division. All GREAT.  -Murray

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Impose Magazine
Photos and brief review of great show at Silent Barn with Parts & Labor, dd/mm/yyyy, knyfe hyts, & gerty farish! (17 Nov 2007)

Fecal Face
Photos and review of Mission Creek Festival (El Rio, 20 May 2006)

SF Weekly - December 2, 2006
Wielding sounds influenced by Ian MacKaye bands, no-wave, and Erase Errata, local trio the Fucking Ocean grips short songs by the neck, rips them to shreds, and moves on — but not because it doesn't love them. Compact, complicated flashes of drum barrage and guitar blast back up passionate, syncopated screams from two boys and a lady. Matt Swagler, John Nguyen, and Marcella Gries switch instruments and vocal time like a well-practiced volleyball team. It's like Sonic Youth highly caffeinated and itchy, or a happier D.C. hardcore band. A CD, Le Main Rouge, recorded at Oakland's Tiny Telephone studio and released earlier this month on Double Negative Records, delivers more of same, with clean-cut sharps and perfectly hairy fuzzes. Death of a Party and Postcoitus open.  -Hiya Swanhuyser

SF Bay Guardian - April 5, 2006
San Francisco post-punkers the Fucking Ocean generate delightfully angular and beautiful songs to transform their audience into a sea of head-nodding, knee-shaking clones.  Marcella Gries, Matthew Swagler, Elias, and John Nguyen rotate between punchy guitar, boxy percussion, Ian MacKaye-like yelps and roars, and pulsing bass lines, with Rylee McGowan chiming in with keyboard textures.  "We're like a volleyball team," Gries says with a laugh.  Tonight they're doing double duty, first opening for pop-rock darlings Boyskout at Mezzanine, then jumping over to El Rio to headline a benefit for a new documentary about a veteran Tenderloin cabaret performer.  "We'll be flushed, sweaty, and ready to dance!" Gries assures me.  -Eliana Fiore

SF Weekly - October 19, 2005
It's now possible to love a scrappy local band without ever having seen it, thanks to the Internet.  So it goes with the Fucking Ocean.  I've never been to a show, but I know through stealthy online research (aka MySpace) that FO makes sharp-edged art-rocky songs that take cues from the Fall and Gang of Four.  An elegantly angular guitar characterizes the band's sound:  Whose is it?  We do need to go to the show to find that out.  -Hiya Swanhuyser